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3453 - Logged: Sat Nov 18 2017
I brought home a little happy from Leeds Castle. I kept in my wallet for a long time and hoped I would find a place that needed it most. While on a girls weekend in Savannah Georgia, I left it on River Street on the boardwalk. My friends thought this little happiness was awesome and want to start one here on the east coast. Hopefully whomever finds this will get the same happiness I found in it.

3453 - Logged: Tue Aug 29 2017
Left a Leeds Castle on a huge beautiful tree

3453 - Logged: Tue Aug 29 2017
Leeds Castle in Kent. We were exiting through the gardens and soaking up the last of this wonderful place. We came to this huge tree, my sister in law is wondering what type of tree it was and was searching for a tree tag when she came along this little tag. She quickly skimmed it and flipped it back over...I noticed how the sunlight hit the happy keychain. My sister in law had already walked off and I wanted to get a closer look at this shinny tag. I said oh my gosh someone has left this here. I pulled it off the little twig that was growing from this massive tree, and it almost brought me to tears. Although I was on this beautiful estate, in a beautiful country far away from my home....I found happiness in this little card and keychain. I smiled and my eyes watered up, it's the small things in life that can change you. I feel someone had left this just for me, someone knew that I needed it and they knew it would make my day, my week and my trip very memorable. I found "happy" in the most beautifullist of places, it was in the castle or the swans it was hanging on a twig shining bright in the sun! Thank you to whomever you are, you don't know how loudly this speaks to me without you saying a word!