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AIH029 - Logged: Tue Sep 5 2017
I got this in the mail through a program called Little Warrior Cards! My friend Bianca sent it to me from Alaska.

AIH029 - Logged: Thu Aug 24 2017
Showing LOVE from Alaska! my daughter was sent this beautiful keyring through a program called Little Warrior Cards ???? and it will soon be on its way to another child but I wanted to share a photo and let you know it traveled this far. ((hugs)) from Anchorage,AK

AIH029 - Logged: Sun Aug 20 2017
This was sent to me by 7 yr old Tayo and his mother Laura Johnstone. It traveled all the way from England to Texas. I was matched with Tayo through a group called Little Warrior Cards, and I send him something every few weeks. This arrived with a birthday card he sent me. I am now sending this to another one of my warriors, Bianca in Alaska! Rami Pagel

AIH029 - Logged: Tue Jul 4 2017
Took me ages to think of somewhere it would be found by someone deserving....a lady who writes to my son who has several different special needs and chronic illness has never had her own kids. I wanted to make her smile on her birthday so it's currently winging it's way to Texas to a very special lady