Latest Happy Keyrings logged

4233 - Logged: Tue Nov 6 2018
Having not visited for a while, we today took a walk at my favourite place, Knightshayes in Devon. We left some happy on our quiet, reflection bench where I sent out a hello to my late dad. A place of love xxxxx

4481 - Logged: Thu Nov 1 2018
Found it at Orton Grange cafe in Carlisle whilst switching lights on :) Made my day

4132 - Logged: Thu Nov 1 2018
I found this happy in my back garden! I was just taking my dogs out and in the corner of my eye I spotted something. I picked it up curiously and read it. It says “This key ring is a gift, a little pocket of happiness. Keep, re-hide or pass it on, it’s up to you. Please to spread more happiness by sharing where this was found or stories of giving/receiving, reasons for keeping it and any plans for its next destination.” When I found it a sudden burst of happiness filled my body, lifting my spirits up! I’m planning to keep this happy so whenever I am feeling sad or down I will just read it! I hope everyone who’s found one feels the same way as me! Good luck and keep happy!! ????

4538 - Logged: Sat Oct 27 2018
It was the last day of our family holiday to crete when I found it on the table and it made me smile. It just goes to show that it's the little things that keep you happy.

4538 - Logged: Sat Oct 27 2018
Whilst on holiday in Crete I left this on a table to be found by anyone who might find it interesting. A lovely young lady, who in my opinion really deserved to receive some happiness as she spent most of her holiday actually spreading happiness, found it and has logged it :) Charlotte I really wish you all the happiness I can you are a lovely person ! :)

4538 - Logged: Sat Oct 27 2018
Spoke to a couple of lovely people from America whilst on holiday in Crete and decided that I would give them the keyring - spreading Happiness far and wide to those that have helped me and to those that understand how cruel MND/ALS can be.

3341 - Logged: Fri Oct 26 2018
Last day of a smashing holiday in Turkey with lots of happy memories so thought I'd leave this by the hotel bar for someone to record their happiness... Xx

5461 - Logged: Wed Oct 24 2018
We found this happy keyring at Port Lympne reserve in the beautiful gardens. We had a beautiful day in the sunshine exploring every corner of the animal park and plan to take it with us to Leeds castle today to spread some more happiness!

2960 - Logged: Mon Oct 22 2018
#2960 enjoying some squiddlydumpscious time at the Roald Dahl museum

2960 - Logged: Mon Oct 22 2018
Roald Dahl museum