Latest Happy Keyrings logged

1142 - Logged: Sat Sep 23 2017
Wisborough Green, West Sussex On the main Green on one of the benches

3411 - Logged: Sun Sep 17 2017
Left at Dreamlamd Margate by the Big Wheel

3413 - Logged: Sun Sep 17 2017
Margate, Kent

2026 - Logged: Fri Sep 15 2017
Found in seaton crew. Placed on memorial bench for local child that died

1563 - Logged: Fri Sep 15 2017
Found at Sheepleas viewpoint while dog walking

3399 - Logged: Sun Sep 10 2017
I found the keyring on the decking of a beach hut in Bognor Regis West Sussex. Weighted down by 2 stones in the pouring rain and strong winds.

1773 - Logged: Fri Sep 8 2017
Found my keyring at orcombe point Exmouth

1773 - Logged: Thu Sep 7 2017
Had the key ring for two weeks and left it today in exmouth, hoping I spread some happiness!

AIH029 - Logged: Tue Sep 5 2017
I got this in the mail through a program called Little Warrior Cards! My friend Bianca sent it to me from Alaska.

3399 - Logged: Sat Sep 2 2017
Left on a beach hut in Bognor...lots of happy memories with Lisa and Krissy! Xx