Latest Happy Keyrings logged

5584 - Logged: Mon May 21 2018
Left this in a handbag for a super friend. Her birthday tomorrow and she is off to Ireland. Who knows where she may leave it !

5079 - Logged: Sat May 19 2018
Left at the drop redoubt on a beautiful sunny day. Met some lovely people xxx

5039 - Logged: Sat May 19 2018
Left on a beautiful sunny day at the drop redoubt dover. Spoke to lovely people.

4916 - Logged: Fri May 18 2018
Beautiful run around one of my fave places. Trentham Estate, Stoke-on-Trent xxx

4924 - Logged: Sun May 13 2018
Beautiful day @ Wedgewood. Out with my son enjoying a pot of tea when he needed the toilet. A couple kept my table for me while I took him off. So, I passed a keyring on. Happy days #lovesunshine

5586 - Logged: Sun May 13 2018
Left this little keyring in Morden Park. I moved here about six years ago with my little Puppy Ellie. The house needed total renovation and every day I just loved escaping with Ellie to the beautiful green spaces that I am fortunate to have around me. So every day I spend about an hour in Morden Park, Cannon Hill Common or Wimbledon Common. Just being around nature gives me so much peace and you meet such nice people when you are dog walking. It has made me go out in all weathers and I have never gone out not felt so much better on my return. So grateful for my home, Ellie and walking. How lucky am I? I am sure this will be found by another dog walker.

5261 - Logged: Fri May 11 2018
Just in the grass at school, coming from a lunch with my best friends.

5588 - Logged: Fri May 11 2018
I actually gave this key ring to a very special friend this morning. She is an extremely special friend and we are on a similar journey in life. We meet at least once a week and have a coffee and catch up. We both care for elderly mothers and it is so special to be able to share with each other the joys and challenges that come with caring for an elderly parent. Not sure if she will keep the key ring or pass it on. We shall see but I definitely wanted her to have this unique little gift.

4616 - Logged: Thu May 10 2018
My dear Grandson Tom gave this to me with a big smile on his face. Tom and I are nearly always happy, in fact, most of the time, so I really appreciate how lucky we both are. We are very fortunate if we are born with a happy outlook on life and there are many people across the world who would love to receive a Find My Happy keyring. Although I really treasure mine, I intend to pass it on to someone less fortunate. Thank you Tom for your little pocket of happiness which will continue on its journey to spread more.

4915 - Logged: Wed May 9 2018
I left a key ring by the Kingston Riverside by the entrance to Home Park. Such a beautiful day that it’s hard not to feel happy!