Latest Happy Keyrings logged

3595 - Logged: Mon Mar 19 2018
Being sent in this to card to a dear friend who is always there for others despite what life has thrown at her. I hope she can find a little happy time for herself

3356 - Logged: Mon Mar 19 2018
Waiting to be found at Falmouth Maritime Museum on a freezing snowy day

3356 - Logged: Mon Mar 19 2018
Found my happy on one our cafe tables by some daffodils <3 Maritine museum Falmouth.

4985 - Logged: Sun Mar 18 2018
Wye Nature Reserve

4981 - Logged: Sat Mar 17 2018
Left at the Vale Resort, near Cardiff.

4985 - Logged: Fri Mar 16 2018
Wye Nature Reserve looking out to the view

4668 - Logged: Wed Mar 14 2018
Given to a very lovely woman on the tube! We started chatting about Stephen Hawking and being positive in life. I felt that she was the perfect person to get some 'happy' and so I simply offered her the keyring and shared the story of 'find my happy's inception.

4803 - Logged: Tue Mar 13 2018
Left for my eldest nephew Joshua Tomkins from the UK in a camp in Nairobi, Kenya

4633 - Logged: Sun Mar 11 2018
I was given my keyring on mother’s day by my lovely daughter Abi. She also gave me one to pass on so I’ll be doing that this week.

4176 - Logged: Sun Mar 11 2018
Spending an amazing week with my friend in the States. We went to Washington DC for the weekend. Left the happy key ring at the Capital City bar in Downtown DC.