Latest Happy Keyrings logged

6222 - Logged: Thu Jan 17 2019
Left some happy for a colleague to find

7719 - Logged: Sat Jan 12 2019
Wye Station, Kent

7591 - Logged: Sat Jan 12 2019

6213 - Logged: Wed Jan 9 2019
Left on a board in Dudley Leisure Centre

6247 - Logged: Tue Jan 8 2019
Left at Loxdale Metro Station this morning after I missed my usual tram and had to wait 10mins for the next one

7736 - Logged: Mon Jan 7 2019
found mile lonnen South Hylton while walking my Husky Eska

6207 - Logged: Sun Jan 6 2019
We left my happy at the top of whinlatter at seat how summit today after another walk with the dogs. A favourite childhood place with lots of happy times. Look forward to see its next destination.

6884 - Logged: Sun Jan 6 2019
Found on a temporary ramp in my mums front garden that was used for her terminally ill husband who sadly passed away on 27th Dec 2018 : (

7736 - Logged: Sat Jan 5 2019
Hiya, if you've found my tag then you are probably doing the same as me and enjoying a nice walk along with River Wear. Now it's your turn, do what you wish..... keep it or share it. Enjoy #alb2787findmyhappy

6207 - Logged: Sat Jan 5 2019
Found my happy at Derwent water at the langham estate whilst walking our dogs at our favourite lake in the Lake District ????